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We'll respond as quickly as possible. If your inquiry is time sensitive please consider phoning us at the rental shop during our hours of operation 780-931-4SUP (4787) or call lead instructor Alisen at 780-852-3509.

Jasper, AB, T0E


Stand Up Paddle Board school, tours and rentals experiences. We offer both self-guided rentals with basic beach-side lessons and professionally led group excursions, on lakes throughout Jasper National Park. Qualified Paddle Canada instructors offer skill improvement courses, guided boutique tours, SUP yoga and fitness classes. Rental location is Lake Edith public beach down Lake Annette Rd.

Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills Course - 3HRS


Please preregister here for Paddle Canada courses, skills clinics, Experience SUP tours, private lessons and SUP yoga classes.

Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills Course - 3HRS


Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills Course - 3HRS

from 80.00

Intro to SUP: (3 hours)

Introduces the novice to paddling in enclosed sheltered waters and calm conditions. Skills covered include a kneeling, standing on a board, forward & turning strokes, and safety awareness.

1 instructor: 6 participants


Activities focus on individual safety and comfortable paddling along a calm shoreline. While there is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities should concentrate on personal progress and an awareness of the need for future learning. Paddlers should leave the course encouraged to continue their learning and be aware of their individual limitations.

Safety skills

  •       Falling off safely
  •       Remounting the board
  •       Use of a leash
  •       Understanding weather and paddling conditions

Paddling skills

  •       Lifting and carrying a board
  •       Choosing and holding a paddle
  •       Mounting a board at a beach or dock
  •       Prone paddling
  •       Paddling while kneeling
  •       Standing up
  •       Paddling in a straight line
  •       Forward stroke
  •       Braking stroke
  •       Sweep strokes
  •       Paddling in windy or turbulent conditions; kneeling, sitting or prone


  •       Board design
  •       Board outfitting
  •       Clothing
  •       Safety equipment
  •       Paddles
  •       Injury prevention
  •       Equipment care
  •       SUP resources
  •       Transporting a SUP
  •       SUP heritage
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