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Jasper, AB, T0E


Stand Up Paddle Board experiences, both self guided rentals and professionally led group excursions, on lakes throughout Jasper National Park. Qualified Paddle Canada instructors offer skill improvement, guided interpretive tours, SUP yoga and fitness classes. Rental location is Lake Edith public beach down Lake Annette Rd. Yoga meeting location is Lake Annette day-use area.


Paddle Canada Skills Courses

May 26 - 10AM-1PM: Basic SUP Skills Course
May 26 - 2PM-5:30PM: Advanced SUP Flatwater Skills Course

June 10 - 10AM-1PM: Basic SUP Skills Course
June 10 - 2PM-5:30PM: Advanced SUP Flatwater Skills Course

July & August - Forward Stroke Improvement Clinics and Draw/Bracing Clinics

We are certified to instruct Paddle Canada Basic Stand Up Paddling and Advanced Stand Up Paddling Flatwater. These courses are a comprehensive way to build the skills necessary to be strong, efficient and confident on flatwater and begin progressing towards travel in ocean and river environments. Although Paddle Canada certification isn't crucial to get started in stand up paddling, it's a fantastic introduction to the finer points of traveling efficiently and with confidence on flat water lakes.

All course will take place rain or shine; instructors may cancel a class or postpone the start time due to high winds or lightning in the area. These courses take place on specific dates at scheduled times. Course location will be weather dependent. Most BASIC SUP courses will begin on Lake Edith. Other lakes potentially used during a course include: Lake Annette, Patricia or Pyramid Lakes.

Course Costs:
$100 per person/ per three-hour course with all equipment included.

Rental package for the course will include board, paddle, leash, PFD + whistle. No wet suit or booties available at this time.

$80 per person without gear/ paddler provides all their own equipment.

Overview of Skills Courses

Basic SUP: (2-3 hours)

Introduces the novice to paddling in enclosed sheltered waters and calm conditions. Skills covered include a kneeling, standing on a board, forward & turning strokes, and safety awareness.

1 instructor: 6 participants


Activities focus on individual safety and comfortable paddling along a calm shoreline. While there is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities should concentrate on personal progress and an awareness of the need for future learning. Paddlers should leave the course encouraged to continue their learning and be aware of their individual limitations.

Safety skills

  • Falling off safely
  • Remounting the board
  • Use of a leash
  • Understanding weather and paddling conditions

Paddling skills

  • Lifting and carrying a board
  • Choosing and holding a paddle
  • Mounting a board at a beach or dock
  • Prone paddling
  • Paddling while kneeling
  • Standing up
  • Paddling in a straight line
  • Forward stroke
  • Braking stroke
  • Sweep strokes
  • Paddling in windy or turbulent conditions; kneeling, sitting or prone.


  • Board design
  • Board outfitting
  • Clothing
  • Safety equipment
  • Paddle design & materials
  • Injury prevention
  • Equipment care
  • SUP resources
  • Transporting a SUP
  • SUP heritage

Advanced Flatwater: Day trip paddling skills on inland waterways with wind and waves (3 hours)

Provides the theory and skills for paddling inland waters with wind and waves. Includes: pivot turns, wave surfing, foot positions, edging and bracing. This course allows instructors to give individual advice on forward stroke improvement.

Participation is by preregistration only.

Prerequisite to taking this course is a pass of Paddle Canada's Basic Stand Up Flatwater

Safety skills

  • Towing

Paddling skills

  • Launching into waves
  • Paddling in wind chop
  • Foot positions
  • Pivot turns
  • Efficient forward strokes
  • Draw strokes
  • Cross draw
  • Bracing
  • Edging
  • Downwind paddling


  • Equipment
  • Advanced board design
  • Journeying
  • Heritage
  • Environment

The Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) program includes nationally recognized certifications in eight skill levels, eight Instructor levels, and eight Instructor-Trainer levels. Skills certifications are awarded through successful participation in certified courses. Instructor and Instructor-Trainer certifications are earned through certified courses and/or a monitored apprenticeship program.

The Paddle Canada SUP Program begins with an introduction to paddling in calm sheltered conditions followed by an advanced flatwater skills certification. Thereafter, the paddler can seek advanced skills in the following three tiers: river, surf, and touring. The complete program includes instructor and instructor-trainer levels.

The program meets the needs of paddlers who seek to learn how to safely and efficiently use stand up paddleboards to enjoy the wide variety of Canadian waters. It equally meets the needs of those who want to learn how to share the joy of stand up paddleboards with others through certified Paddle Canada courses.
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